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I started using Procreate and Affinity Designer on a new iPad recently for a few things. It’s so much fun, and is fuelling lots more ideas for digital artwork 💡


So I’ve been thinking about how I can offer a slightly different option for commissions, less bespoke, more of a give me your route and one or two ideas for customisation (landmarks, wildlife etc.) and I’ll create a digitally illustrated map for you. For times when a quicker and more budget friendly option is preferable.

This is the kind of thing I’m thinking:


My latest commission was for runner from my local club – something to commemorate his favourite running routes in the area, from Richmond Bridge to Hampton Court, the surrounding sights, parks and wildlife that roams within.


If everything goes to plan with the UK restrictions easing in the coming months, it's going to mean Wendover Woods 100 is on for me at the beginning of July. My hill training has been pretty much non-existent for a while now – the downside of living in such a flat area. So I'm conscious I'll need to pull my finger out and get out to the hills as soon as such activities are permitted. It's going to be a rude awakening... ⛰

Back in 2017, when James Elson first approached me about doing the Centurion finishers tee designs, Wendover was the first map we went with.

This was my initial stab at a design for the WW50 race.


Welcome to my new home for updates on my maps and other artwork.

I’ll be writing here occasionally to keep you in the loop on what I’ve been working on in my little art studio, with things like:


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